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Customer Service

Our approach to customer service is pretty straight forward….

1. We are committed to quality service. We will always try to go above and beyond customer expectations. 

2. We know our products. We will convey an articulate and in-depth knowledge of products and services to win customer trust and confidence. We will try to anticipate the types of questions that customers will ask.

3. We know our customers. We will learn everything we can about our customers in order to tailor our service approach to their needs and buying habits. We will talk to customers about their experience with our company and listen to their suggestions.

4. We treat people with courtesy and respect. We will remember that every time we make contact with a customer, whether it’s by email, phone, written correspondence, or a face-to-face meeting, the interaction will leave an impression with that customer. We will always be polite and we will always say “thank you.”

If you ever have any questions, comments, praise or problems (regarding Albopads) that you’d like to discuss,we encourage you to email us at abodine@albopads.com or call us at 404-991-8222.

The Team at AlboPads 

AlboPads are reusable, padded, bicycle frame wraps that offer superior protection against the hazards of shipping, transport and storage. Modern bicycle frames and components can be very fragile when subjected to unintended forces such as drops, knocks and sharp blows. In most cases, pipe insulation, zip ties and tape are used to reinforce the bike while it is being packed in a carrying case, prepared for long-distance transport or prepared for storage. This method is time-consuming and the materials can only be used a few times before they break down. Our products are made of the finest animal-friendly components and are environmentally "green" as nothing is thrown away from one use to the next.